Harry Potter book series, American versions

The Harry Potter book series, a worldwide phenomenon, has had a large influence on readers' lives worldwide. The story revolves around title protagonist, Harry Potter, a young boy who finds out he is a wizard and is destined to defeat or be defeated by Lord Voldemort, the world's most dangerous Dark wizard and his parents' murderer. In this gripping tale, readers follow him along on his journey through Hogwarts and the final face-off between him and Voldemort. This book series has led to the creation of its film adaptations, two themed attractions in Orlando and London, and a Wizarding culture. Let's take a look at the books!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

In this first book of the series, Harry, a young orphan living with his borderline abusive aunt, uncle, and cousin, finds out that he's actually a wizard, which explains why strange things happen around him by accident, and that his parents were murdered by Lord Voldemort, instead of being killed in a car accident. His new friend, Hagrid, picks him up and prepares him for his new life as a wizard at Hogwarts, where he is no longer considered a freak, but the only survivor of the Killing Curse in the entire world and the only person Lord Voldemort ever failed to murder. As it turns out, Dumbledore the Headmaster is hiding something very important at Hogwarts, guarding it with Fluffy, a fierce three-headed dog. What is Dumbledore hiding and what will this first year at Hogwarts bring Harry?

Harry is back for his second year at Hogwarts! This time, there's a mysterious, perilous monster creeping through the halls of Hogwarts, threatening to petrify the "enemies to the heir of Slytherin." As there are more and more victims, the students and teachers of Hogwarts grow tense and anxious. Soon, even Harry gets blamed as the perpetrator. How will Harry defeat the monster and save Hogwarts?

Harry returns to Hogwarts for his third year, the year he finally gets to visit Hogsmeade on the weekends! However, plot twist: Sirius Black, a prisoner and convicted murderer of 13 people (!!!) escapes from Azkaban, the most well-guarded, horrific prison in the entire Wizarding world, and it seems like he's on the loose to chase after Harry. What will Harry do with a mass murderer on his tracks?

It is Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts and also the year of the Quidditch World Cup Ireland vs. Bulgaria and the revival of the Triwizard Tournament! With so many exciting events going on in the Wizarding world and at Hogwarts, Harry wants to finally kick back and enjoy the fun around him, instead of being the center of attention and getting into trouble. However, things are not that simple. He gets picked as another Hogwarts champion for the Triwizard Tournament, violating the rules restricting each participating school to one champion, but the Goblet of Fire has spoken and he must partake in this dangerous, risky tournament where he can possibly die. Why was Harry chosen and how will he survive?

Voldemort's back! And so is Harry back at Hogwarts for another year, the year he takes the dreaded OWL exams. The Minister of Magic remains unconvinced that Voldemort is back, despite Cedric Diggory's death and Harry's witness testimony. Drama and rebellion stirs at Hogwarts, as the Minister of Magic appoints Dolores Umbridge to be "Hogwarts High Inquistor," giving her the power to establish ridiculous rules restricting the fun and freedom students have at Hogwarts. Everyone hates her, even the teachers and especially the students, except for her Inquisitorial Squad who jump on any chance to punish rule- breakers cruelly. How will Harry and his friends deal with Umbridge and her toadiness?

Umbridge is finally gone from Hogwarts! The Ministry of Magic finally believes Voldemort is back! Things are looking up... except not really, because you know, Voldemort is back and getting stronger as you read. Harry goes back to Hogwarts for his sixth year and with the help of his used potions textbook, annotated by the mysterious Half-Blood Prince, he aces Potions for the first time in his schooling. Dumbledore teaches Harry what Horcruxes are and how they may be the key to Voldemort's immortality and lack of a soul. However, shortly after, a traitor strikes! Who is the Half-Blood Prince and what will happen to Hogwarts with a traitor in their midst?

The hunt for Horcruxes is on! Harry won't be returning to Hogwarts this year, sadly, for he must face his fate and realize that "neither can live while the other survives." He, Ron, and Hermione drop out of Hogwarts to embark on the perilous journey through the Wizarding World against countless odds, such as a growing group of Death Eaters, anti-Muggle legislation, and a Ministry fallen to Voldemort. The Golden Trio no longer knows who to trust, as other magical species are involved and will do whatever they can to survive. Will Harry defeat Voldemort once and for all? Will he be the Boy Who Lived?